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Brett's Wish List

Favorite Color: Orange & Blue
Favorite TV Show/Cartoon: Drake & Josh - iCarly - Spongebob - Tom & Jerry
Favorite Food: Pizza - Tacos
Favorite Thing to do: Play outside - Play Wii or Webkins - Golf - Lego's
Riding my bike - working with wood

Star Wars Clone Wars Figures/Ships
Not Legacy Colleciton, Please
Has/Will be getting:
Figures: Commander Cody, R2D2, Luke Skywalker,
Master Plo Koon (Legacy), Destroyer Droid, Battle Droid(Red)
Ships: Armard Assault Tank AAT, A-Wing Starfighter

WANTS: White Battle Droids, Caption Rex, Clone Trooper Officer,
Republic Gunship


Star Wars Clone Wars Board Games
Has Obi vs Grievous

Star Wars Tabletop Pinball

Eyeclops Bionicam

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Sports Car

Wii Games

Board Games
Would like Electronic Battleship
Any of the travel games - like Conect Four below



Arts & Crafts
Pixo's Studio or sets

Elmer's Totally Funky Science

iCarly Season 1

Lego City Mars Mission or Star Wars-Clone Wars
The Millennium Falcon is only $500!
Has Anakin's Jedi Starfighter, General Grievous Starfighter,
Clone Tooper Battle Pack, Imperial Dropship, Battle Droids Pack, Revel Scout Speeder,
Coast Guard Quad ATV, Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Ski, Lego City Truck & Fork Lift,
Mars Mission MX-41, Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase & Jungle Duel (Tent)




Nerf Vulcan EDF-25

ViewMaster Sound Reels
Dinosaurs, Safari or any others

Venus Fly Trap Plant


PJ's - size 8 or 10
Pants - size 8 with adjustable waist for Jeans
Shirts - Youth Large